This is the short film we produced and showcased to kick off the evening at the Fight For The Cure (FFTC) Event this past Saturday at the Hampton Inn. Different ideas were worked into the mix while storyboarding with Matt Whittekar and Rob Imbeault from the FFTC foundation. They stressed the importance of including the people involved behind the scenes that make their charity such a success, so we collectively agreed on bringing their stories into the mix. The foundation is in its fifth year and raised an amazing $230K for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation.. Not bad considering that their first year saw the event pull in just over $500 dollars.

It was pretty exciting to work through the initial concepts being brainstormed to the actual filming and production of this piece. Hearing each fighter's story and learning about the how's and why's that lead them into the ring was pretty moving.. Then on to the fun stuff.. filming these white collar volunteers in action. Everything from the vigorous workouts, sparing in the ring and then back to more cardio training.. It was pretty intense to see them put their bodies on the line like that.

Once this part of production was done we took things over to the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation's Maple Soft Center to see where the funds go and how they help people living with Cancer. This is where the project became very real. When we initially got involved in this project last year we understood how our efforts could contribute to this cause and as a filmmaker that was really exciting, but when I prepared to head over to meet some of the people at the Maple Soft Center I really didn't know what to expect. I thought that spending time actually talking to the people going through their battle with Cancer was going to a sad experience. However I found it was quite the opposite. I was able to chat with 2 ladies and who have been living with Cancer and hearing how positive they were through their fight. It became clear to me that a major part of beating cancer was your outlook on the situation. Seing how the MapleSoft Center has helped these people stay positive through this stage of their life was totally uplifting and something that is really making a difference.

We couldn't have been happier to be a part of Fight For The Cure this year and we look forward to lending our cameras to them next year.

Song Credit: Kings and Queens by 30 Seconds to Mars


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