electro-acoustic music session
30th March 2012 (Friday)
from 7pm, Straits Records, 24 Bali Lane, near Blu Jaz

Johannes Bergmark (Sweden)
Timothy O'Dwyer (Australia)
Blu Simon Wasem (Brazil)


Johannes Bergmark
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Johannes Bergmark, from Stockholm, specializing in amplified objects and electronics in improvised and electro-acoustic music.

Experimental musical instrument builder, text-sound-composer, sound poet and piano technician, arranger, writer and debater.

He makes contact microphones, sound sculptures, sound installations, sound environments, performance art and has lectures, makes pedagogical projects and workshops.

Concert in Aalborg 2008 He sees himself as the ancient traditional do-everything-yourself (or in equal collaboration) kind of musician. His materials are cheap, his methods transparent and democratic, and he is inspired by the direct touch of the hands on materials and the strange poetic appeal of found objects.

Using things not normally associated with sound or music, he explores the microcosm of the smallest sounds, amplifying them into the audible range, usually without any electronic treatments. A performance becomes like an improvised puppet play or a dance of junk and he hopes to inspire people to create their own poor man’s utopia out of almost nothing.

Through untraditional acoustics as well as traditional crafts and the basics of sound technology, a miniature world is unfolded, where knowledge, skill, inspiration and surprise can meet.

Closup of objects used with the Platforms In his attitude a skeptic and surrealist, not an artist. He has, in spite of this, toured and cooperated with 531 other artists from 28 countries on 419 venues in 25 countries, according to the latest update.

He has mostly been active in the association for radical and experimental art, Fylkingen (he was chairman 2002-2004 and again 2009-2010), at the Electronic Music Studio, in the association Vetenskap och Folkbildning and the Surrealist Group in Stockholm.

Timothy O'Dwyer
Timothy O’Dwyer, is a saxophonist, composer, educator and the current Head of the School of Contemporary Music at LASALLE. Trained as a jazz musician at the Victorian College of the Arts graduating with a BA Music in 1993 he furthered his studies in 1995 with contemporary classical composer Richard Barrett in Amsterdam and visionary saxophonist/ improviser Evan Parker in London. He was a founding member of the seminal punk-jazz group bucketrider from Melbourne (1992) and has been a member of the Elision Contemporary Ensemble since 1994 with which he has performed and composed works that have premiered at arts festivals throughout Australia, Europe and Japan including the 2009 Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. He formed the Tim O’Dwyer Trio in 2005, and with them has performed at important jazz festivals in Australia, South East Asia, Japan and Europe including the 2010 Montreux Jazz Festival. Timothy has been involved in over 30 cd releases
13 of which have featured his own compositions. He is currently a PhD candidate at Queensland University of Technology, Australia, researching the nexus between improvisation and composition.

Blu Simon Wasem
soundcloud.com/nomade-label "

Blu its a nomade multi-media(sound/body/video/food) artist that starts in 2007 in Florianópolis(Brazil) to dedicate himself to improvisation; in experimental music with Kalu Keppe(in the duo Koll Witz) that also get part of theater pieces soundtrack and the open artistic Collective Nós(Br/Pt/Sk/It). Original bass and percussion player, in Koll Witz this instruments was gived back, when starts to explore textures and gestures in violin, flute, handmade electronics, and everything that makes sound. Than, in 2009 move to Europe, where pass through 14 countries, spending more time in Lisbon(Portugal) and Brno(Czech Republic). Now located in Istanbul, starts to explore the east, making his first Asia Tour.

As a solo traveler, his best friend is his recorder, where he collect the primal material for inspiration and composition on field recordings. In live performance, working the edges of risk, always changing his set, and playing with different musicians from different approaches.

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