Fridays in Jakarta has a reputation for being amazingly packed with motor vehicles, in other words a traffic nightmare. But this particular Friday, Jakarta's traffic was rather empty due to a big demonstrarion happening on fuel price increase so some of the main streets that are usually fully jammed on the afternoon were like paradise for cyclists. People were avoiding the central Jakarta area because they were afraid the demonstation would suddenly break and turn into a chaos, or something like that. So the streets are surprisingly empty, yet in a very tense situation.

In the night people with cars start to crowd the streets again as the demonstrations are done and all, and that's where WE come in. So for us this critical mass ride is somehow very critical as we bomb Jakarta's shitty traffic with our bikes in the day of chaos over fuel price increase.

Hope you enjoy this video.


Prana Edka Endhito


Karfianda Suryoutoro


Menjadi Indonesia By Efek Rumah Kaca


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