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CITY WORLD is a landscape narrative/doc hybrid in which an unseen boy tells a tale of great adventure, apocalyptic futures, and troublesome histories over images of the swamps and suburbs of a depopulated Orlando, Florida. His tale slowly swivels from a magnificent fantasy to his own harrowing familial reality.

"CITY WORLD is probably the closest you will get to 'hearing visions'. A dazzling and disturbing hybrid work, which shares its fascinating natural mysticism with a number of contemporary filmmaking's most innovative names - just in an even more radical synthesis of images and sound. Brent Chesanek gives us an exemplary demonstration of the fact that a film can relate to both the real and the possible. Neither documentary nor fiction, but simply a film." -Mads Mikklesen, CPH:DOX

Premiered in competition at CPH:DOX 2012 and Seattle International Film Festival 2012.

Written, Produced and Directed by Brent Chesanek
Produced by Yvette Granata and Justin Strawhand
Narrated by Sean Kaufman
Music by Chris Zabriskie
Sound design and mix by Steven Dressler
Editing by Brent Chesanek and Stacey Foster
Casting by Zan Ludlum


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