Drunk Driving is one of the biggest threats to Road Safety in South Africa, particularly over the festive season. Research indicates that 50% of people who die on the roads have a blood alcohol concentration above 0.05 gram per 100 milliliters. But this remains a useless statistic as most people only face the harsh reality of driving drunk after they suffer the consequences.

The Idea:

3D cinema is something people watch to enhance their senses and their experience.

Trying to watch a 3D movie that’s not in 100% focus is an extremely unnerving experience. And that’s exactly what we wanted to do to our viewers.

The fact is that alcohol in your blood can retard your senses. To demonstrate this fact in the most vivid way possible, we utelised a medium that promises to ENHANCE your senses - 3D cinema.

The Ad:

We targeted 3D moviegoers between the 2nd of December and the 6th of January at cinemas countrywide by creating a commercial that shows a brief clip of a drunk driver on a joy ride. The commercial, however, fades in and out of focus, making viewers suspiciously check their 3D glasses.

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