1:11 Minutes, is a project featuring short video clips of people and
animals anywhere in the world... a kaleidoscope. Like animals caught
in their private state (of mind) without any awareness of being
filmed, they do not notice me, but sometimes they do—mostly not! If
they see me, it still takes some moments before they notice my
presence—I use the very first minutes of filming.

This project is based on an amazing song called "Ferry", written by
Paul Hepker & Mark Kilian. The song only runs for 1 minute and 11
seconds: the power of 1.

I'm always curious and wondering: what is going on inside people's
minds when I start observing them?... It's particularly fascinating
for me because they do not know that I can be one of, or maybe the
only, conscious witness of their particular moment. To be part of
something incredible when we are all in the present... and yes, I can
sometimes feel that I'm a thief of their intimate moment, but more or
less... hey... there was a reason that I needed to be there... Why?

:: so, do what you feel now ::

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