Shot, directed and edited by Zina Saro-Wiwa, this is a basic ten-minute taster for a new feature-length documentary by Zina Saro-Wiwa about the Black Contemporary Visual Artists of America.

Featuring performance artist Clifford Owens, photographer Dawit Petros, painter Iona Rozeal Brown and sculpture/painter Shinique Smith, this clip reveals a taste of the issues Black Artists of America struggle with in their lives and in their careers.

The Black Artists of America are a small but powerful group of passionate, unique individuals that have been quietly interrogating and experimenting with black identity under the cover of the glamorous but relatively niche contemporary art world.

As a group black artists have been under the radar for much of the 20th Century. Black musicians, writers, civil rights leaders and historians have instead been the tellers of the story of black life in America. But now in the early 21st Century, the Black Artist is coming of age and their unique perspectives and ways of dealing with the world provide a fascinating lesson - if not a new blueprint - for navigating black life in America today and perhaps even transcending racial discrimination.

This major feature-length documentary will enter the passionate and fascinating lives of black artists, introducing America - and the world - to a new generation of global cultural power brokers.

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