Near Bellingham Wash. SSA Marine is planning to build what would be the largest shipping terminal in North America, focused on shipping roughly 54 million tons of coal to Asian markets per year.

There is clear motivation for the companies involved. This terminal would churn out the profits due to the cheap price of the de-certified coal, the federal subsidies to BNSF in the rail shipping, and the other subsidies for the port developers.

While SSA Marine / Carrix / Goldman Sachs / BNSF / and Peabody Energy would be making hundreds of billion dollars a year, the city of Bellingham, and the world, would pay the price.

Think critically about this proposition.

-Mine coal that is not allowed to be burned in US due to Low BTU's and Sulfer rates.
-Send 9 / 1.5 mile diesel trains from Wyoming to Washington daily.
-Ship the coal to Asian Markets on some of the largest freighters in the world.
-Have the pollution from burning coal reach North American Coastlines in about a weeks time.

I'm just an observer who sees too much wrong with this idea to stand still. I support wholehearted plans to supply energy to the world, but this is not about helping rural China have access to electricity, this is about short-term corporate profits.

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