"Oh, what is a flame!?" you ponder? Well, Astro does his absolute combustible best to answer just that question to you, and the wonderful worldwide whatnot of 11-year-old scientists.

Check out Alan's contest here: flamechallenge.com

And check out the other contestant's videos! They are teriffic!

"Oh what is a flame!?" you ponder? Well, so are an entire herd of 11-year-old scientists internationally, and Astro is doing his darndest to

a) Help them out, and
b) Not catch himself on fire

Check out the flame challenge set forth by Alan Alda at flamechallenge.org
or the Mission Science workshop at missionscienceworkshop.org, where this one is filmed.

Filming by Sebastian Kleppe, Aaron Martin, Sol McKinney, and Sam Haynor
Science Assistance by Dan Sudran and David Selassie
Music by Will Greene
Puppeteering and Magicmaking by Hannah Shulman and Loren Baxter
Voices by Sam Haynor

Have a wonderful one,
The MSW and the CSWN

Have a good one,
The Mission Science Workshop

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