In memory of Keith Staggers who died in 2013

And Kevin who died shortly after the film's release, in 2012

"Homeless, Not Helpless" draws on interviews with homeless individuals in Hudson County and community activists working on their behalf to provide a better understanding of the conditions under which the homeless population live and the resources, or lack thereof, that are available. Special attention is paid to the importance of non-governmental organizations, particularly religious groups, in providing vital help to and support for this population.

Filmed November thru December of 2011, "Homeless, Not Helpless" gives eyes and ears to the voices from the streets of Jersey City.

DIRECTED, SHOT & EDITED by Felix Rodríguez (
with Gerald Cameron

"My Always Mood", "Day Bird" & "Night Owl" - Broke For Free

"Tonight the Streets Are Ours" - Richard Hawley

April Kuzas
Riaz Wahid
Peter Basso
Daniel Gurry
Erik-Anders Nilsson
Jersey City Peace Movement (
Jersey City Homelessness Advocacy Group

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