A beautiful moment of peace and friendship

The door of the small cabin binds as he pushes it open and steps in. There’s morning dew in his beard and on the woollen sweater. Soon after his friends carry bags of food in from the car. Four buddies, away from university and city life for a cosy weekend.

Before long, the fire crackles and heats up the tiny place. They spontaneously start baking pancakes and eat them right from the pan dripping with maple syrup.

They play old vinyl records on the orange plastic gramophone while talking and laughing their way through the afternoon. They talk about the past and about the years ahead. About their grandparents and the hippie style that they adore so much. And they talk about the rich music of those days that doesn’t come any better.

It’s time for a beer now, and he proposes a toast. “For the past,” he says, “and for the future. But above all, for this beautiful moment of peace and friendship”.

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