Métaphore cinglante d’un monde industriel qui transforme systématiquement beauté, différences et métissages pour tenter de créer l’ultime produit universel reproductible à l’infini.

A stark metaphore for an industrial world that systematically transforms beauty, differences and miscegenation, in a bid to create the ultimate universal product, infinitely reproducible.

This movie was made for the second edition of "Le laboratoire d'images", produced by Cargo Film et Canal + and made at Supinfocom in two months and a half in 2011.

Directed by :

Jérémi Boutelet: Texturing, 2d animation
Amy Brutton: Character modeling, Texturing, shading
David Calvet: Rendering, compositing, FX
Jérémy Charbonel: Modeling, animation
Audric Escales: layout, character animation, compositing
Guillaume Raynaut: setup, fur, compositing.
Jean-Baptiste Trullu: Character modeling (z-brush)

Drawing and story by Beb-Deum.

Musique Originale: Olivier Florio / OolfloO

Full duration: 5,07 min

Made with:

3ds Max 2011
Z Brush
After Effect cs4

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