"In marrying the industrial location with these garments and styling,
Marek had constructed a system of strong visual contrasts that lent
themselves to the drama of black and white photography, but he also
gave me the freedom to respond to these elements in my own way. I was
quickly occupied by the small mechanical flourishes to the otherwise
stark concrete space, particularly the conspicuous clusters of
antennas. Transmission and human mechanization surfaced as the central
motif and theme I wanted to explore. Throughout the film the figure,
like the image, is repeatedly fragmented then reassembled, although
she never reassumes a complete, unadulterated form." -Jonathan Green,
Film Director

"When conceptualizing this video and its accompanying photographic
fashion editorial, my desire was to accentuate the drama of visual
extremes in shapely ways. This led me first to a deserted location
with white concrete walls, grey material floors and expansive views,
all of which bound themselves to create a celebration of line and
gradation of white, black and grey colors. These elements are
compounded by the meticulously selected wardrobe and rigid styles of
makeup and hair. In response to this sharp environment, the wardrobe
exclusively features black garments, thus physically compounding the
graphic elements and instinctually spotlighting forms within the
images. Jonathan and I collaborated to capture the striking visual
definitions of the wardrobe within space while honoring the grace and
strength of the model." -Marek Berry, Creative Director

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