Though coffee is one of the world’s largest traded commodity, we rarely taste the wide range of flavors and aromas contained in a cup. Once a week Counter Culture Coffee, a direct trade roaster based in Durham, North Carolina, provides a free cupping, or tasting, to help every-day drinkers awaken their senses and explore the wildly diverse taste of coffee harvested by carefully sourced growers from around the world. This film follows Kyle Brouhard, a visually-impaired coffee aficionado, as he journeys through a world of sensations elicited with each sniff, slurp and sip.

Featuring: Kyle Brouhard, Mark Overbay, Kim Elena Bullock

Photography: D.L. Anderson, Andrew Synowiez
Audio: D.L. Anderson, Brooke Darrah Shuman
Editing: D.L. Anderson, Brooke Darrah Shuman
Illustrations: Catherine Edgerton
Original Score: Johnathan Henderson
Music: "Unknown" by Thai Orchestra, Mississippi Records, 2007

Fiscal Sponsorship: Southern Documentary Fund
In-Kind Support: Independent Weekly

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