Seeking new integrations for the technology that surround us nowadays, and taking advantage of the new possibilities that it bring to us, we created a new Lab project focused on creating new tools for hairdressers. it's a sector that, in some terms, is living in the past technologically speaking, losing lots of the advantages that this technologies could bring to their salons.

We wanted to answer questions as which could be my next hairstyle? which is the trending haircut right now? How many hairstyles I've had this years and how were them? Should I try a new haircut? this questions are hard to answer without system that tracks your hairstyles.

For that reason we created HAIRSTYLE, an installation + app that is intended to answer all this questions.


With that application the user can remember and watch in 360 degrees all the hairscuts that he had over time, and watch each one's process, so it will be much easier to remember a certain hairstyle, so if you like to have it again you can show it to your hairdresser easily.

Also the user can visit an inspiration gallery with people's hairstyles, updated in realtime, also with a 360 vision of all the hairstyles to be able to decide if you like the style or not. You will be able to create favorite lists and to have direct access to your preferred hairstyles too.
At the same time all the hairdressers are building a connected catalog, replacing the traditional inspiration books in the hairdresser, like fashion or trending magazines. 

The installation part is meant to create all the content in realtime and upload it to the cloud in the hairdresser salon. For that reason the installation consists in an integration of a camera in each mirror of the salon. This camera will take the photos of the cut process and will generate de 360 images, all this process invisible to the user.
Once generated all the material is processed and sent to the cloud by the system. The installation is fully scalable and adaptable to the salon architecture.

If you're interested in the project or want detailed information drop a line at

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