This audio slideshow will be screened at the Fetisch Film Festival in Kiel on Saturday 29th September 2012:

Ralph feels equally proud and honoured to be labelled a “Rubber Perv”. It was challenging to collaborate with an individual so polemically distant from my own conventional lifestyle.

We spent the afternoon in the heartland of the Home Counties, rambling through quaint English countryside to execute a not so quaint photo shoot.

A well-meaning, middle class family taking a constitutional walk were left speechless when unwittingly observing our activity in woodland. You could hear a pin drop as they walked past us. I felt embarrassed by their discomfort, but driven to complete my assignment.

I had no choice but to lie down on woodland floor strewn with nettles, while only wearing shorts, flip-flops and a vest. The welts and stings were an obstacle that lingered well after the photo shoot had ceased. However, Ralph while smacking his lips, confessed that he thoroughly relished the nettles stinging his bare skin. The old French adage, “Vive la Différence” comes to mind.

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