I thought it'd be interesting to try and make a night stopmotion video in Hyde Park. This is my first attempt.

Starts off on Embankment to Parliament, up to Trafalgar Square, then to Buckingham Palace, then to Hyde Park.

A Canon 5D Mk II, a Canon f/1.4 24mm lens, and a cable release.

I turned the image sequence into a video using Virtualdub and ran it through the deshaker plugin to smooth it out a bit. Then I added a fade-in and fade-out.

For the street parts the shots were taken at 1/100th sec, f/1.4 at 3200 ISO. In Hyde Park it was so dark I could barely see my own hands in some parts, so I had to switch the ISO to 12,800. so you'll see a lot of noise in those scenes. All the photos were saved as jpegs and taken at 14MP [4080x2720 res]. I would've shot at 21MP but I just ran out of memory card space too fast in continuous shot mode.

I know there are some problems with the video: too much noise in Hyde Park, some bumpy bits, and some annoying lens flare near the end going along the path. And my shadow appears in some scenes. I tried redoing it but got the same result. So I'm uploading it as it is. I'll have another go redoing some parts of the park for another video at a later date though.

Most of the video was shot in a single evening, though I had to go back and redo the part from Trafalgar Square to Buckingham Palace and then up to Hyde Park Corner. The original video was a lot longer as I started near Blackfriar's bridge and went along Embankment up to Parliament. But the video ended up being just over 9 minutes long [way too long!], so I had to speed up some parts and cut a lot out to make it shorter.

I uploaded the same video on youtube but at 2500x1640 resolution: If you select 'original' resolution for playback then you'll be able to view it at higher quality.

I made the piano piece to accompany the video. I hope you like it.

The original version of the piano piece on Soundcloud:

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