Dr. Fred Cummins from UCD Cognitive Science Programme reports from the fringes of many disciplines, trying to see how they all relate to something we are intimately familiar with: our world of experience.

Science is built upon a foundation of objectivity. Clearly, this raises some problems if one should want to study subjective experience. Yet this is the problem faced by the several sciences of the mind, including psychology, psychiatry, neuroscience, and beyond.

The issue is not unimportant, as therein lie our hopes of ever dealing adequately with the human condition and suffering. Dr Cummins will share some thoughts on how science has approached this in the past, and some rather interesting trends recently that offer a tantalizing glimpse of a larger science, that may be able to address some elements of subjective experience.

Date: Wednesday 11th March 2009
Location: The Mercantile, Dame St, Dublin 2
Time: 8.00pm

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