This screencast focuses on the installation of JBoss Tools into a new Eclipse for Java EE Developers (Indigo). You can following along with this video but I may have made a small error - on my 64-bit machines, I have 64-bit JREs - which even 32-bit Eclipse is happy enough with but I have found that a JDK better suited for working with JBoss. In any case, if you encounter a problem starting your JBoss Application Server - check the tip in this video about making sure you have a JRE.

This video also provides an overview of the JBoss Central capabilities. For a deeper dive into JBDS features please see the following:

2. JBDS 5 Java EE 6 + Arquillian
3. RichFaces 4 for Desktop & Mobile
4. Forge Introduction in JBoss Developer Studio
5. Hibernate Tools for DB Reverse Engineering
6. Forge for DB Reverse Engineering

And 1. JBDS 5 Installation is similar to this screencast but focuses on the full JBoss Developer Studio edition of the tools+eclipse combined into a single installation.

For more information on how to Get Started with JBoss, please visit, follow us on Twitter @jbossdeveloper or you can follow me directly @burrsutter

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