A brand new trailer for "The Holomover" - a short film from Gaiaverse Projections. Premiering in January 2008.

Won "Best Experimental Short" at The Woods Hole Film Festival 2008.

Selected for the Shorts Section of the Gotham Film Festival 2008 in New York City.

Synopsis: Brian, a conflicted young man struggling with self-definition, discovers he has the ability to travel to parallel universes. Seeking guidance from multiple versions of himself, he soon realizes that just because you can see infinite possibilities, doesn’t mean you can find all the answers.

Credits: Directed and Edited by Conor Simpson.
Starring Ryan Spadafora, Francis Castagnetti Jr, and Astrelle Johnquest.
Written by Conor Simpson and Ryan Spadafora.
Produced by Conor Simpson and Jonathan Montepare.
Director of Photography - Peter Castagnetti.

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