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I come alive at midnight
Don't know why but something bout this mood right
Feeling a pimp rocking on his white gold
Got the flair of a king in my black soul
Listen here Ok Go here it goes again got the flair of a king and I won't stop rocking till you call me sire
Feeling red hot set the world on fire then blow it out quiet storm
And when you hear the thunder I'll say OKC
Peep my steez like a psp got game where I go hear it on the beat
Yeah you hear me now on that Mean Joe Green lights all I see all I know is go
Got winning all the time in my mental that's why the flow raw bout to go into beast mode
Uh King Kong aint got nothing on me I do this shit run the shoe like a black Tony
Soprano with black Vans on I'll rap my ass off till I'm a made man
So may I proceed to give you what you need keep it cool call me Steve
McQueen on the getaway only 5'6" but on track I'm a heavyweight
Fly all the time hold it down featherweight
Out of this world she said I'm a super eight
So why just sit and wait on my Carson Daly find the groove latenight
Yeah I'm talking about midnight
Marauder in this bitch like

Directed by Zimbabwe Kev

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