Fighting Inequality and Poverty: Rethinking Grassroots Organizing and Community-Labor Coalitions, From the NAACP to Acorn to Justice for Janitors to OWS.

By looking at the work of several organizations that have won significant victories during the last 4 decades of a conservative/neoliberal era, this panel tries to answer the question: what can we learn from their work to end discrimination, increase democracy through the fight for voter’s rights, reduce inequality by increasing wages for the working class, restrain the power of large corporations and end predatory lending. Panelist will make a short presentations followed by questions among the panelists followed by audience participation. We will also discuss who is responsible for ACORN’s demise? It's self-inflicted wounds, the right wing, the mainstream media, Obama, the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, the left? What can we learn from its downfall? How will this effect what you do? What are old ACORN leaders doing to regroup and help build the Occupy Wall Street movement in the U.S? Panel members include John Atlas author of Seeds of Change, the Story of Acorn, America's most controversial community group.(Vanderbilt U); Maxim Thorne teaches Philanthropy at Yale University, was a Vice President of the NAACP and worked for the Human Rights Campaign. Bertha Lewis, is head of the Black Institute and former chief organizer of ACORN.

Sponsoring Journal:
National Housing Institute

Panel Topics:
Political And Social Movements
U.S. Politics

Moderated by Maxim Thorne with Bertha Lewis, John Atlas, and NY State Senator Kevin S. Parker.

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