Rules can feel like the bars that hold us prisoner, or the big arms that rock us to sleep. They can tie us down, snarled in ‘should’s and ‘must’s, or liberate us from the paralyzing weight of infinite possibility. With them we can use hide or reveal, abuse or protect. They enable us to play together on this little plot of dirt.

Arbitrary or profoundly meaningful, we need rules, we seek rules, we demand them. Rules give us a structure with which to relate to one another and ourselves, and to understand our purpose here on this little plot of dirt we call our world. Here we are, whether we like it or not. This is the game. We must find a way to play together.
Through ruthless and playful improvisation, structured by games and rules, we bring with us all of our diverse histories and fears. We drag our own assumptions and boundaries into the spotlight and try to understand what it means to us to be a “society“ - to be a “collective”.

Giving equal attention to the literal and the metaphorical, the intimate and the absurd, the physical and the verbal, we interrogate the heaviness and lightness of living with ourselves and each other. We do this through song, dance, exploring the density of our movement and pushing each other past our comfort zones, past what we believed to be our limits.

Each performance of “heavy composition in white” is a game within a game within a game. It is as much about the games between the performers, as one with the director, as it is a game of performance itself. ␣ There is no acting, only using the game to push beyond what is allowed. But, can we ever really break free from the rules?

Interpreters: Andrea Krohn, Marielle Kleyn Winkel, Sebastián Collado, Katharina Schwärzer, Julia Metzger-Traber, Valeria Germain


4 / 5 / 6 May 2012 in


Pappelallee 15
10437 Berlin

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