Collection of short video clips shot with the Nikon D5100 at 30fps and slowed down using VirtualDub and AviSynth. In most cases you can achieve very good and smooth slow motion results, only very fast moving objects and moving objects that are close to the camera can sometimes cause artifacts. Otherwise the results are very good and usable.

Found a new way of using this same script with better quality output. Load the script into VirtualDub, render the video with Pel=1 or Pel=2 and overlap=0. Don't use AssumeFPS to set it back to 30 fps, the trick is to render the output video to 60 fps. This results in better interpolation. Then load this 60 fps video into VirtualDub without using the script, reset the fps output to 30 fps (both source rate adjustment and frame rate conversion). This method gives a better result then raising the number in Num=.

LoadPlugin("C:\Program Files\AviSynth\plugins\mvtools2.dll")
AviSource("d:\Temp\video.avi") #location of your video
super = MSuper(pel=2) #pel=2 or pel=4, test to see results
backward_vec = MAnalyse(super, overlap=4, isb = true, search=4)
forward_vec = MAnalyse(super, overlap=4, isb = false, search=4)
#overlap=0 sometimes better with fast moving objects
MFlowFps(super, backward_vec, forward_vec, num=2*FramerateNumerator(last), \
den=FramerateDenominator(last)) #num=2 increase number for slower video
AssumeFPS(29.97) #For 30p output

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