A work in progress in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street

Now the people have voted in the Commune, they have to figure out the nuts and bolts of making the city run when all the bureaucrats have left town. Genevieve Guericault, a young teacher and the new delegate for education is struggling to get the classrooms open again. She discovers than when obstacles get in the way it is sometimes better to look for a practical solution than a theoretical answer. Her friends Babette and Phillipe complain that they are making less money than before. Everyone wants a living wage but what happens when there’s not enough money to go around?

Cast: Mitchell Abidor, Nanda Abella, Ahuva Willner, Mark Skelly, Michael Hagins
Crew: Zoe Beloff, Nira Burstein, Donald Kelly, Erika Munro, Eric Muzzy
Musician: Nathan Koci
Find out more at daysofthecommune.com

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