Procession: Hymnus ad Christum Regem

Glória, laus et honor tibi sit, Rex Christe, Redémptor: Cui pueríle decus prompsit Hosánna pium. Refrain: Glória, laus.

Israël es tu Rex, Davidis et ínclita proles: Nómine qui in Dómini, Rex benedícte, venis. Refrain: Glória, laus.

Coetus in excélsis te laudat caélicus omnis, Et mortális homo, et cuncta creáta simul. Refrain: Glória, laus.

Plebs Hebraéa tibi cum palmis óbvia venit: Cum prece, voto, hymnis, ádsumus ecce tibi. Refrain: Glória, laus.

Hi tibi passúro solvébaní múnia laudis: Nos tibi regnánti pángimus ecce melos. Refrain: Glória, laus.

Hi placuére tibi, pláceat devótio nostra: Rex bone, Rex clemens, cui bona cuncta placent. Refrain: Glória, laus.

Procession: Hymn to Christ the King

Glory and honor and praise be to you, Christ, King and Redeemer, to whom young children cried out loving Hosannas with joy. Refrain: Glory and honor.

Israel’s King are you, King David’s magnificent offspring; you are the ruler who come blest in the name of the Lord. Refrain: Glory and honor.

Heavenly hosts on high unite in singing your praises; men and women on earth and all creation join in. Refrain: Glory and honor.

Bearing branches of palm, Hebrews came crowding to greet you; see how with prayers and hymns we come to pay you our vows. Refrain: Glory and honor.

They offered gifts of praise to you, so near to your Passion; see how we sing this song now to you reigning on high. Refrain: Glory and honor.

Those you were pleased to accept; now accept our gifts of devotion, good and merciful King, lover of all that is good. Refrain: Glory and honor.

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