Teresa The Smiling Sloth is a children's book written, illustrated, and designed by Clara Kohn Marquez for her Graphic Design MFA Thesis at MICA.

Teresa is a happy and innocent smiling sloth. Her home, a tree, was hit by a lightning bolt, and a few pieces go missing. Teresa is positive that she will find the missing pieces and reattach them to fix her tree. Along the way, she meets a toucan, a jaguar, a tapir, and a capybara, all of whom, tell her she will never fix her tree. After all, she's a sloth, and sloths are slow, lazy and sleepy. Will Teresa find all of the missing pieces — despite the negativity that surrounds her — and fix her beloved home?

Typeface: Bryant Bold designed by Eric Olsen of Process Type Foundry.

Music: "Interlude" by Briovere Buffentis.

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