Video produced through Penfield TV: Moderated by Mel Callan and Kurt Miller, PGI. Speakers Josh Goldowitz, and Jordan Kleiman.
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0:00:00 Opening Credits
0:03:25 Moderator Statement
0:04:51 Josh Goldowitz presentation
0:41:12 Jordon Kleiman presentation
1:20:00 Question and Answer Session
1:42:20 Closing Remarks

Even though Penfield is not located on current, key locations for Hydro-Fracking, the prospect is gaining attention in New York as the state gets closer to deciding whether the DEC will issue drilling permits. While the Penfield Green Initiative has not taken a position on Hydro-Fracking, there is an understanding for the need of education on the topic.

This conversation provides a fair, and equal program to the pros and cons of Hydro-Fracking.

"Goldowitz is the undergraduate chairman of RIT’s environmental sustainability health and safety program where he teaches environmental geology, hydrology, and environmental courses. Goldowitz discusses fossil fuels and what makes the Marcellus shale special, and the basics of the fracking procedure."

"Kleiman, who co-founded Rush Citizens Concerned About Hydrofracking, teaches history at Geneseo and focuses on the relationship between alternative technology and “environmental justice.” Kleiman speaks about ways fracking is relevant to Monroe County and the environmental and economic arguments for and against the practice."

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