Artist : Patrice Pike
Song : Angels
Album: Fencing Under Fire
Director: Raymond J. Schlogel
Production Company : Underground Planet

I have not seen this vid in years! Was pretty happy to stumble upon it whist digging through a massive pile of old hard drives trying to catalog their contents.

This was the actually the first music video I had ever done way back in 2005 and it was more of an accident than anything. I had bought me first nice camera, the Canon XL1 and had put the word out that I was wanting to shoot a music vid to help build my reel. Of the people I had written one of the first to write back was Patrice, apparently her management at the time had told her about me and my efforts. I should point out that I was a HUGE fan of Patrice and of her previous band Sister 7. To have her write me was awesome but made me nervous at the same time.

We met up for coffee which turned out to be on of my favorite memories since jumping into this biz. Several times over the course of conversation she mentioned that she was bummed that she didn't bring a copy of her next CD for me to hear a song off of it. About 30 minuets into our little meeting she said "Hang on" and got up and went to her car. She returned with her guitar and right there on the otherwise empty coffee house patio she played and sang the new song to me. Ever so thankful she forgot the CD, I'd never been serenaded before!

Putting aside my fanboy moment, she had a gig coming up, I believe it was at the second incarnation of Steamboat. I asked if she would mind me bringing my camera just to do some test shots and she was completely cool with it. When I got home that night I started capturing the tape and really dug the way it looked. Within a couple days I had edited the show down to one song, which was one of my favs of the night. What I tried to do was make it look like it was a multi-cam shoot, essentially only one shot is live, everything else was pilfered from other songs she performed that night. Even now it's hard for me to tell 100% which are which. I should mention also that as I really had no plan on doing anything the music is straight from the camera's onboard mic.

Upshot is I'll always be grateful for Patrice allowing me to make this one. The vid and all that lead up to it strengthened my resolve to try and pursue my new found passion for video/film. If you hate my work you may have Patrice Pike to blame because I don't know that I'd be doing what I'm doing if this hadn't happened.

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