We all have prejudices. When seeing someone on the street or meeting new people we immediately judge them by their appearance and their looks.

When we first heard we will be meeting and speaking with Rick Genest, a guy better known as Zombie Boy, these alleged preconceptions immediately kicked in: covered in tattoos + piercings + dressed fully in black and leather = trouble-maker, party animal, loud, etc.

But what we experienced was quite the opposite. Rick achieved world fame as the face of fashion house Thierry Mugler, where he was discovered by no other than creative director Nicola Formichetti. Shortly after, he became the muse in Lady Gaga’s video “Born this way” and since then evolved to everybody’s darling in the creative industry.

When Rick first stepped into MADE, he was rather shy, didn’t talk much, but was always polite and friendly. After a while he opened up more and more and got excited to tell us his story, and we realized that he’s just normal guy - enthusiastic about life and thrilled to see the world – just like us.

Well, almost…of course, he was weird, and he did his best to appear that way.

Enjoy the VOV.

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