Filmed in Portland, OR, Kalama, WA & throughout New York City, NY (2006 - 2009).

The song "Minimum Payments" was the 3rd track of the Jeff Dodge Peasant Revolution Band's album, "Recession Rock" released in late 2009.

Patrick Randolph Bell hosted our journey throughout the New York footage. He portrayed one of the many swarthy characters making minimum payments & trying to get by in this tough economy. Also on hand are our band's manager, Scott A. Peterson and a skillful roller skater we were lucky enough to watch in Central Park (October 2007). There's nothing much I was consciously trying to say other than going a little old school and mixing some stock imagery with a remix of an old song. Of course I'm also a total John Lennon fan in case you didn't realize that before.

Over the years, I've occasionally had access to a few VIP type situations (Trojan Implosion, McCain campaign). While some of it could be viewed as political tragedy, I honestly just liked the imagery with particular lyrics. It's all without malice and the viewer is free to discern whatever they want. As far as the end, I guess I felt Lennon had it right as long as you end up loving the work that you do.
I appreciate your time & thank you for stopping by!
Jeff S. Dodge
Writer / Musician / Director / Cameras / Editing

"Minimum Payments"
Jeff Dodge - guitars / keys / vocals
Casey Anderson - drums
Music produced by Scott A. Peterson

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