This video describes and synthesize the fluid work of assembling, mounting and dismounting of the materials borrowed from the neighbourhood made during the workshop Material Girl with Umschichten for OniricaLab:

During the 5 days of “Material Girl”, the two German architects Umschichten guided 13 makers (architects, designers, fine arts students etc.) in the realization of a fluid architecture. Inside the 1sqkm area around the workshop, the participants explored the commercial and production activities of the neighbourhood, starting to communicate with dealers and artisans and trying to conquer their trust to borrow enough materials to build a fluid construction. The comprehension of the social context and the relational capacities of the participants were vital for the success of the project. After collecting the materials the group started to study and analyse the physical and structural proprieties of the single objects. Afterwards they tested different ways to combine the materials in building modules and builded together the installation.
The result of the workshop was an architectural structure, similar to a house or a church, which can be defined fluid, because was build and dismounted in a circular and participative way, expression of its crafters, but also of the community that the project attempted to involve.

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