Which roommate is the Cylon robot in hiding? Bennett the responsible one, Pjeter the weirdo, or Dale the slacker? In 1.6 "The Reveal," you'll finally frakking find out.

After drinking battery acid and having balls thrown in their face, the guys STILL don't know which of them is the Cylon skinjob. Time is running out, but Jessica has one last test for them to endure... that's never a good thing.

Previous Episodes:
-- Episode 1.1 "The Test" vimeo.com/3402408
-- Episode 1.2 "The Escalation" vimeo.com/3495742
-- Episode 1.3 "The Visitor" vimeo.com/3574180
-- Episode 1.4 "The Escape" vimeo.com/3763814
-- Episode 1.5 "The Montage" vimeo.com/3877943

Visit the web site for more Cylon fun at: MyRoommateTheCylon.com

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