This is the first talk of Thay from the Nottingham Retreat, given on Friday, April 6th, 2012.

1:37 Singing with Phap Khai
11:37 Chanting "May the Day Be Well"
18:18 Children's Dharma Talk: Inviting the Bell
57:41 Main Talk

"When you breathe out, there is another line for you to read silently: I send my heart along with the sound of this bell. This is not a simple sound, there is my love in it. I send my heart along with the sound of this bell. And then you breathe in again. May all of you who listen to me awaken from your forgetfulness. People in the world, they live in forgetfulness. They breathe and yet they don't know that they are breathing. They walk, but they walk like a sleepwalker, they don't know that they are walking. They don't enjoy every step they make. They eat, but they are lost in their thinking. So that is called forgetfulness. Forgetfulness, it means your mind is not there. It's the opposite of mindfulness. Mindfulness means that you are - your mind is there, always with you. While you breathe, while you walk, while you eat, while you sweep the floor, your mind is always in your body, you are mindful of everything. Mindfulness is what we practise here, and the opposite of mindfulness is forgetfulness."

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