To see the entire project.

The communicative idea has been renowned for the 2012 edition, and we got charged from Young&Rubicam – Rome
to develop and produce a commercial clip to explain the project with a simple yet fun language.
Being faithful to our passion for dirty hands and shooting lots of pictures, we produced an apple, an orange, a strawberry, a carrot,
a fennel and grapes with plasticine and a replica with polyurethane foam.

Client: MIPAAF – Ministero delle Politiche Agricole, Alimentari e Forestali

Agency: Young & Rubicam – Roma
Creative Direction: Alessandro Canale
Art Direction: Laura Sforza
Copywriter: Alessandro Diotallevi
Producer: Nicola Morino
Account Executive: Manuela Russo

Produced by: Happycentro
Directed by: Federico Galvani
Director of Photography: Federico Padovani
Animated by: Federico Galvani, Federico Padovani, Andrea Manzati
Sculpting, Set Design & Models: “The Artist” Piet Paeshuyse, Federico Padovani, Andrea Manzati, Ilaria Schnitzi Roglieri, Samantha Di Prospero, Federico Galvani

3D Animatic, Editing, Compositing & Color: Samantha Action Lady Di Prospero
ADV Photo Retouching: Marco Oio Oliosi
Original Music, Sound Design & Mix: MellowSong Studio (Thanks to Paolo Camponogara & Matteo Bogoni)
Hands Models: Daniel Rigo, Andrea & Luca Galvani (The Three Little Pigs)
Voice: “The Queen” Ilaria Stagni
Making-Of Edit & Color: Samantha Action Lady Di Prospero
Broadcast Engineering: Post:Atomic

Special Thanks to: Nicola, Laura, Alessandro and Manuela at Young & Rubicam

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