This is a response piece for Concept Development class at AIM, RMIT.
Soundtrack 'Hybrid' Dysphemic.
Used with artist permission.
The animation is a generative piece using simple looping animation and a feedback loop. Video feedback is one of the oldest forms of generative art and it is one that I have ad the pleasure of exploring in my earlier VJ works.

The set up consisted of an Edirol V4 video mixer.
A computer running Resolume3 playing the video loops and the Soundtrack.
A DV camera.
A preview monitor.

The mixer had a channel running the clips, and one running the video camera, the camera filmed the output monitor thus creating the feedback loop. The mixer was set to 90BPM (half that of the soundtrack) and faded between the 2 channels, this fed the feedback loop.

Resolume ran 2 clips, one with 3 effects running, the effects were controlled by various parts of the soundtracks' waveform. The second clip was set to an additive blend and its' transparency was linked to the audio.

I recored the result with the DV camera and finished the clip with some colour grading in After Effects.

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