In The Eye of the Spiral is a documentary film project featuring seven of Haiti’s most prominent living artists. Taking as its point of departure the notion of dynamic chaos incarnated by the incomparable writer-painter-philosopher Frankétienne, this film proposes a new narrative for the embattled Haitian Republic – a narrative steeped in the vitality, the mysticism and, ultimately, the hopefulness of artistic creation. Frankétienne has been on the shortlist for the Nobel Prize in literature and is a co-founder of a philosophical movement called Spiralism.

Each one of the artists who lends his voice to this production seeks to make plain his persistent faith in Haiti’s capacity to build an extraordinary future. Each understands clearly the essential contribution that the individual – the painter, the writer, the musician, the artisan – can make to establishing a positive global presence for this island nation.

It is our aim with In the Eye of the Spiral to sustain and nourish this vision by providing a platform – by circulating Haiti’s contemporary artistic perspectives into the wider world. To realize this objective, we must now build on the momentum we have already generated by garnering additional funding for the editing of the more than thirty hours of footage filmed during our most recent trip to Port-au-Prince.

The movie will feature Annie Lennox as the Principal Narrator.

We ask that you visit the website of the Haitian Cultural Foundation ( ) for further information on this ambitious and timely project.

It is our sincere hope that you will help to support this journey.

Raynald Leconte
CEO and Director – Haitian Cultural Foundation

Haitian Cultural Foundation (HCF)

HCF is a volunteer organization and no executive officers or board members have received a fixed salary since the organizations inception.

HCF is a US IRS registered 301-(C)-3 charity, and all donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Board Members

Current members: Raynald Leconte, Eve Blouin, Kaiama Glover, Robert Beevers, Isabel Hegner

“The principles of reflexivity argue that patterns can be broken. We believe that the art of this nation can be the catalyst to begin a positive and expanding spiral for the people of Haiti.” Haitian Cultural Foundation April 2012

From: Annie Lennox
Sent: Friday, April 13, 2012 3:17 PM
To: Raynald
Subject HCF Haiti Teaser Synopsis Film Doc

Hi Raynald..Thank you for sending me your film. You should feel very proud!
It is wonderful to connect with these artists, who have so much to offer the world.
With dignity, profundity and clear sighted visionary power and wisdom, they uphold the cultural/ spiritual identity of an incredible country that has been ravaged by exploitation, poverty, corruption, violence and catastrophe… consistently and in every sense. Nature just dealt the most brutal stroke after mankind did their my limited view.
I'd be very happy to lend my voice in terms of support for what you're doing…If a quote would be useful..please use the above..
Sending lots of love for now from Annie xxx

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