Producer: Mike Paschal
Director: Joey Connolley
Camera: Joey Connolley
Edit: Mike Paschal & Joey Connolley
Grips: Michael Daniel, Carson Gonslee, Matt Batchelor, Luke Brown
Score: Brooks Joyce
Written by: Mike Paschal, Joey Connolley, Parrish Stikeleather, Chris Kuhne
Narrator: Mark Foland

Shot on the Canon 5D Mark II at 30fps with a Steadicam system.
Converted to 24p in Cinema Tools.
Color Corrected with Magic Bullet Looks



Today millions of people will gather around the world.
Most will meet freely. Many, in secret.
Some will meet in a building.
Some in a gym or school or even a living room.

They’re gathering for one reason...
To tell a story.
A story that affects the lives of every person who has ever lived

It’s a story of hope and not despair.
Of Love, and not Fear
Life, and not Death

A story of a man who was beaten, executed and buried in a tomb.
But after three days, was raised to life.
It, is the story of Jesus

Some call it a myth.
Others, refer to it as a religion.
But We know it, as The Gospel.

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