This is the second talk of Thay from the Nottingham Retreat, "Cultivating Happiness," offered on Saturday, April 7th, 2012, at the University of Nottingham.

3:37 Chanting "Praising the Three Jewels," a new chant written by Brother Phap Linh
12:07 Children's Dharma Talk
54:09 Main Talk

"I don't think that the Buddha is outside of me. He is inside of me. Because I got a lot from the Buddha, I learn a lot of the Dharma, if I have compassion, understanding and non-discrimination, that's thanks to the Buddha, so the Buddha is in me. And my hand also contains the hand of the Buddha. This hand has been practising non-violence. My two hands have not for a long time harmed any living beings. They practise protecting life, not killing. There is a compassion, there is love in my two hands. So I know the Buddha is in my two hands. So every time I want the Buddha to touch me, that is easy. I just put my hand here and I see the hand of the Buddha touching me, it's wonderful. Now you might like to try."

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