Feast your eyes on the brand new, frenetically super-surreal music video for Dubious Ranger's San Francisco indie dance-rock anthem "Weapon". This is the kind of song that worms its way into your ears so that you'll be humming it for the next week straight, and the best part is that the soundtrack to your insanity (ie: this song) can now be complemented by some completely insane imagery. In the vid, bandmembers (and erstwhile psychedelic warriors) Alexander Eccles, Jonathan Eccles, Aaron Sankin, and Brendan Ahern journey through a strange land of animated, pulsing structures and imagery from exotic locales such as Mumbai, Hong Kong, and, um, San Francisco, dance with giant arrays of floating tanks, and contemplate the importance and usefulness of wearing two pairs of sunglasses, all while doing battle for the heart of a young lady who has been enslaved in the drugged out disco lair of a thrusting Alfred Hitchcock silhouette. Of course, Dubious Ranger owes humongous x-mas bear hugs to music video director Alexander Kalsey and Ringleader Productions for crafting and executing a video concept that exists so far outside of reality that it makes Dadaists look like Dane freakin' Cook.

"But that doesn't make any sense," you might say.

"That's exactly what we planned," we might say.

"Oh, I get it. Ow, my head hurts," you might then say.

And that's when we say "Dubious Ranger is sorry."

Dubiously yours,
Dubious Ranger

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Dubious Ranger is represented by The Nothing Room. For licensing and business inquiries, please email contact@nothingroom.com. For booking inquires, please use booking@dubiousranger.com, and for personal messages to the band, contact@dubiousranger.com. Thanks!

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