My fascination with the USSR's history and Planet of the Apes, the latter inspired my personal tagline, "A Homo sapien trying to get a hold of a banana in a world governed by apes", prompted me to create this poster.

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a snippet about Stalin on the Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB); not sure if it is real or fake, as I couldn't find any other information online about this project but it certainly inspired me.

Stalin funded a project that can only be described as science fiction fair. He wanted to create the ultimate Russian soldier: A hybrid of man and ape.

This is the paragraph I read:

"Stalin loved the "Tarzan" movies and often watched them at the Kremlin. For some reason, he was amused by the concept of a man being able to communicate with apes. Stalin ordered an expedition in Africa, which gathered over 100 apes and monkeys for his plans of breeding an obedient soldier. The secret research center was set in Sukhumi for breeding experiments on apes and monkeys under personal patronage of Stalin. After several years of non-results Stalin ordered the principal scientists executed and lost interest in breeding soldiers from apes. Today this research center is known as "Obeziannii pitomnik" in Sukhumi."

Stalin was no different than the madmen and mass murderers of the past and the present.

Will research this more if I want to turn it into a short comic.

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