A direct comparison between Slog and REDCODE RAW.

Some sample scenes showing the two cameras covering the same scene.

The long and short of it:

The F3 and Slog does have more Dynamic Range and out of the box, more accurate color. The F3 is significantly cleaner, but this is a natural byproduct of a 1080p S35 imager. Bigger pixels.

The RED Scarlet, clearly wins in resolution, even down scaled to 1080p. It just looks crisper. Its color gamut is very accurate as well, but needs a bit more work to make it "perfect". Its lattitude is quite good, but not quite sLog levels. Based on the 13.5 the F3 has, i would rate the Scarlet around 12.5.
RCX is simply awesome, as it enables you to have so many options and draw those looks directly from the RAW.

Shot on Cooke iPanchro Lenses.

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