Passing By is an illuminating visual installation where abundant walls turns into an enormous canvas. Visitors discover a digital landscape with various lines and shapes. It was generated in real time in response to movement of the people who dare to Passing By this reality. It is a digital graffiti, living painting which creates this constantly shifting organic form and space. Fluid forms intersect with technology and wrap the architecture to create entirely new art form by kockaART.

Form, colors and emotions
The installation use high contrast lines to create unusual environment , a living work of art.
Tightly angled convergent lines give a dynamic, lively, and active effect to the image whereas strongly angled, almost diagonal lines generally produce tension in the image and the mood.
Curved lines are used to create a sense of flow within the image. Compared to straight lines, curves provide a greater dynamic influence in the visual effects.
Collaborations like this one, that mix the organic nature of the body with the programs of a machine are often heavily weighted towards the technology side. Passing By aim to work as a successful art interaction of computer and human form. The projected vivid images mold and melt against the backdrop of sculptural architecture, which is fascinating to observe.

The audience has the possibility to experience a transcended space and visually rich exposition. The installation provokes people to redefine space and reality. They experience endless possible projected images. Just like expressionism, Passing By present the world solely from a subjective perspective, distorting it radically for emotional effect in order to evoke moods or ideas. It sought to evoke imaginary experience.
The various line and glow elements in the installation create a continually transforming journey.

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