Artist : Cold War Kids
Song : We Used to Vacation
Album: Robbers & Cowards
Editor: Raymond J. Schlogel

Here's another one that I just dug out from the archives that, just as I said on the Paolo Nutini vid (hence the majority of this being copy/pasted from that one), I thought I had lost forever. Some years ago I had a laptop stolen and I could have/would have sworn that the only copy I had of this was on it. Last night decided to catalog all the random hard drives and would thrilled to see that this was on an old one. I'm posting this without permission just to show some of the hyper editing I did. I had never heard of the Cold War Kids before ingesting the footage but it was only moments after throwing the footage on the timeline that I became and instant fan.

On this I only did the editing, we had a team of people and the goal was to push out a lot of content really quick. I think in total I did something like 37 of these three camera vids in three days. May not be a record but keeping in mind every tape had to be captured in real time, as in one 15 min piece would take 45 minutes to ingest. It worked like this, camera folks would be at the venue, as soon as the show was over a runner would bring me the three tapes from the three cameras, I'd capture them (I SOooo don't miss capturing tape!), synch em, and chop em up. There were tons of bands that I had never heard of but that blew me away once I got em on my computer and started editing. This was one of them.

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