Thunderstruck and The Girls Got Rhythm. This is the beginning of the 2nd set. @ 2:04 I noticed the mics weren't plugged in.

You'll notice the audio level change between the native microphones of the iPhone and the external condenser mics. Try turning the speakers up before 2:04 and after 2:04.

Turning the speakers up before 2:04, the sound is hollow. The midrange is lacking depth, the low end clips bad and the high end sounds tinny.

After 2:04, the audio is much richer, fuller on the low end. Not as rich as I like it, but that's one limitation of the mics. I'm searching for a set that has a wider range on the low end. The high end is very nice.

The levels could have been brought up a bit, but I didn't get to The Malibu Inn for sound check. I had to wing the levels a bit. I also set the limiter on, so that the levels didn't clip. They didn't even come close to clipping. I was afraid due to High Voltage's volume, they would clip like crazy.

The Tascam's iPhone app is difficult to use. I wouldn't recommend using it. Use another audio app. The problem with the app that it will stop recording when the phone goes into lock mode. The default recording mode is mono. To record, the record button had to be pressed twice. Who the heck designs a recording app where you have to push record twice.

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