this piece was shot mostly on the new 5D MK3, cut in with Varicam, Alexa and Red Epic footage, for the 2012 Final Four Open.

cinematography by stillmotion
interviews shot by John Tipton
lighting by Midwest Grip and Lighting Co.
produced by Gareth Hughes, CBS
directed by Christian Winters, CBS

// the stillmotion 5D MK3 review

sorry we are a little late to the review party, we wanted to make sure we had shot several pieces with the camera and really put it through the paces. before we start, i do want to say that we aren't going to be posting noise samples, sharpness comparisons, or other such pixel peeping. not that that information isn't important to know about or to consider when choosing any camera, it just wasn't what we or our clients are looking at when we chose this camera.

this review is based on how the 5D Mark3 has performed in the field and for the types of shoots we have been on lately. thus far we've shot several pieces for CBS with the MK3. the first was an 8 min feature on the Chardon High School shooting called 'One Heartbeat' that aired Saturday night before the Final Four games. we also helped shoot both the Saturday and Monday night opens - Monday's which aired on CBS to about 15 million people. Through these three pieces, the MK3 footage has been cut in with Varicam, Epic, Alexa, and..... read the rest of the full review, check out the complete post on our blog at

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