Eco Trans Canada ambitions to cross Canada from west to east on a revolutionary hot air balloon. Managed by multiple world champion Pierrick Duvoisin, this project will showcase technological innovations, propose an observation and measurement platform for scientific high schools; it will also provide an educational approach to students. More infos on :

Technical partners : Ultra Magic, MAxComm, Flexcell, Satellite communication, Stivac
Pilots : Pierrick Duvoisin, Nicolas Tièche
Ground crew : Arnaud Favre, Roland Wicki, Cédric Burri, Pierre Gariépy, Gilles Pizzotti,
Control center crew: Jean-Jacques-Antoine Besnard, Robert Bolognesi.
Logistical crew : Jean-Pierre Chappuis, Tibor Froidevaux, Marc Antoine Duvoisin, Thibor Jaggi, Laurent Sciboz, Jean-Michel Clerc.

This short-documentary was shot in Rougemont, Saanen, and Salavaux (Switzerland). Interviews were made during the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Château d'Oex.

Balloon Atouvent pilot : Arnaud Favre. Crew : Claude Tièche and Robin Tièche.
Balloon Château d'Oex : Nicolas Tièche. Crew : Laurent Sciboz
Balloon ECO Newton pilots : Nicolas Tièche and Pierrick Duvoisin.

Filmed and edited by Yannick Barthe, Filming material : Sony PWM-320, Sony NEX-5n, Glidecam HD 4000 and some GoPro cameras. Many thanks to my assistant Franziska Neuhaus for her great help during the shooting and editing process. Music by David Hamilton, Rimsky, LaCigale and K1Woods (purchased with web license).

"L'impossible recule au fur et à mesure que l'on marche vers lui". Antoine de St-Exupéry

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