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I have repurposed my Vimeo channel into a destination to showcase FCPX plug-ins including Effects, Generators, Titles, Transitions, Templates, Filters and other third party add-ons available for FCPX. I am creating demo reels of every plug-in I own or future plug-in that I acquire.

The purpose is to have reference videos of all the plug-ins I have to help me while working on projects in FCPX. My frustration is managing the hundreds of plug-ins within FCPX and ones I purchased from third parties. Most plug-ins have no real-time feedback and I can't always remember what a plug-in does.

I am sharing these demo videos on Vimeo with other FCPX users and hope you can benefit as much as me.

I also kept a few samples of my "first" video projects... my first video editing projects, my first 2D animation and 3D animation. Hopefully I can look back over time and say "Geez, I'm much better now than when I first started years ago" !!!

My other work samples for general audiences will be public on my YouTube channel 3DPIXSTUDIO.

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