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3eme Sexe - official site 2014

BEAT vol. 01 - 04
The 4 teaser movies for the new 3eme Sexe - 4 TAPE- CASSETTE BOX RELEASE 2014 +Digital Download
Visit : 3emesexe.info

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104 minutes of BEAT music - all in a very special 4 CASSETTE TAPE release package -
29 tracks with full download slip included -BUY all 4 cassettes or the one you like the most and at the same time get access to the mp3's for your smartphone ipad etc etc. SO STAY TUNED

3EME SEXE (TROISIÈME SEXE) brings a new sound to electro pop, and this is pure analog! By using minimal recording techniques and only the real hand-played vintage stuff, (analog keyboards, synths, effects), rock 'n' roll guitars, and stewardess-like vocals, 3EME SEXE creates an anarchistic universe influenced by sixties beat, sweet seventies pop, Yé-Yé, and French Chanson.

The creative mind behind 3EME SEXE is musician, composer, producer Justin Schoening. 3EME SEXE has been around the electronic scene since 2006, and Justin has had several people joining him. Today's hot constellation are with Christelle Paris (vocals/recitation) and various live guitarist's and live drummers - SISSE SELINA | MARGRETHE BJÖRKLUND aka MAGGIE BJORKLUND / EMILIE BRANDT

3EME SEXE is based in Copenhagen.

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