There are 47,000 registered voters in Compton yet, at most, 10% of that number actually votes. The lack of citizen engagement and low voter participation has led to the city electing self-serving and generally though not all, incompetent leaders to the highest positions over the city and its schools. As a result, Compton College lost accreditation, CUSD leads the state in underperforming secondary schools, and the city is insolvent.

This must change! It will only change when citizens place themselves in the driver’s seat and elect people that are competent and have the best interest of the city on their minds and in their acts 24/7.

Now is the time. VOTE!

June 5th-Presidential primaries, city propositions, and voting by District Only.

November 6th-Presidential Election, city and state propositions, is voting by District only (repeat) if failed June 5th. (Measure B)

April 2013-Municipal Voting; Mayor, 2nd and 3rd district, City Clerk, City Attorney, City Treasurer.

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